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hell – the devil’s deadly weapon lyrics


verse 1 hear the sound of distant thunder, the time has come again the pagan gods with their whips all lashing, roar the sound of satan’s name bursting up through sodden wastelands, a dire and fearsome sight the hideous blackened lords of h-ll are come to try your might soul destroying – mind corrupting – eyes of fire – rancid breath leaving roots of manhood bleeding, blazing trails of death

chorus h-ll sp-wns fire – the devil is within us – a funeral pyre for all out of the brimstone mire – satan is within us screaming with rage – and bent on destroying

verse 2 what worthless creatures flock behind him – sinners seeking grace wildly wielding wicked weapons, wresting souls to waste painted lakes are stained with crimson – rivers burst their bloodied banks shredded sinews, burning bodies, panic reigns amongst the ranks

repeat chorus

instrumental bridge

verse 3 soldiers from their graves rising, lift up our hopes of salvation saintly swords from scabbards leaping, scatter the devil’s creations horses eyes in sockets bulging, charging again and again snorting nostrils flared with anger, from our br–sts leap flame the devil turns his pointed tail and fires a vile retort as we vomit and phlegm, he rekindles his men, and commences the second onslaught

repeat chorus

bridge 2 butchered – slaughtered – hung, drawn and quartered m-ssacred – murdered, and maimed flayed alive – crucified – bellies ripped open wide disfigured – dismembered, and slain our gallant defenders are rendered senseless, helpless we watch them die with the stench of defeat growing stronger and stronger we scatter and flee for our lives

outro the earth, the mighty gates of hades, shuddering, slowly lurch in storms the noxious and victorious hordes of satan’s church

the devil is within us all…….