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hella dead (rap) – ilovedyingasmuchasyou lyrics


{i love dying as much as you, ay.} x8

dying don’t hurt, so why you complain?
i did it once, can do it again
****ed up my life, cause of my ****ed up brain
when i die, i’ll leave only a stain

shake like a weight and throw up my insides
commit suicide, i’ll stare at you with big eyes
when you die, is it god who decides?
doesn’t matter to me, i’ll make us some divides

what works for you won’t work for me
death is my homeboy and destiny
i have no need for identity
the thought of decay is ecstasy!

i’m bored of this life now, i wanna die
people who hate me, **** you, goodbye
burn me alive, kinda like the fawkes, guy
you can keep my soul, i don’t need to be alive