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hellion & dontlovejacob – déjà vu lyrics


now my numbers inflating
don’t care for the money or fame
do it for the love of the game
get it out the mud, out the gutter
apply the pressure or slip under
even when the times getting tougher
we bringing the lightning and thunder
i did it all for me
and the ones who riding out
can’t help to see me up
now they blowing up my cell
this ain’t no hobby
baby this my life style
ain’t cut from the same cloth
b-tch i did it with no help
did it with no help
so long and farewell
off to another dimension, i’m setting out
lately i ain’t been myself
but the world keep on moving like carousel
red light, green light, go
two rights never make up for a wrong
and if i take too long
will you vanish like the rest or prove me wrong?
ride it out
ride it out
seen it all before
don’t take me for a fool
wearing down, wearing down my hope
then i pick up on my own, right back where i left off
i found refuge in myself
so you don’t count me out
so selfish, couldn’t care less if the sky came falling down

and when the curtains call
and all the lights shut off
who will you go to now
that it’s all said and done
no other that could replace you
but you still you going out to find
a new love there to refrain you
baby, i see your call for help
you’re losing yourself, know the feelings to well
don’t think that i was made for love
kiss but don’t tell, your touch cast a spell
i just can’t ever get enough