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hell’s happy heathens – joy to ourselves! lyrics


joy to ourselves!
we are the source
it flows from each of us!
we won’t wait on a deity to fill our hearts with gaiety.
create the sounding joy!
create the sounding joy!
create, create the sounding joy!

we thrive on love
and not on fear!
we give with open hearts!
the threat of h-ll is ‘meaningless, the lure of heav’n is ludicrous!
only we can reprove ourselves!
only we can reward ourselves
only we can reprove or reward ourselves!

joy to ourselves
our love is great.
we don’t discriminate!
if you’ve a certain nature, you’ll fall out of god’s favor.
but we love who we really are!
yes we love who we really are!
yes we love, we love who we really are!