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hellyeah – band of brothers lyrics


band of brothers

we walk the walk, like we’re 10 feet tall,
hide in the tree tops of the timber, deliver death to all
we talk the talk, our voice is thunder,
my mission here is truly clear, i am the butcher
we are the shadow storm, rolling defenders,
filled with p-ss and pride, and a courage unprecedented

it’s time to man up, when you’ve got a man down
it’s time to man up, never leave a man down
i’ve got your back and you’ve got mine,
as long as we stand together,
everything’s gonna be alright
i’ll keep you high when you get low,
just a band of brothers raising h-ll,
like a murder of crows

we’ve got the skills, we’ve got the know how,
we bring a fury that makes you bow down,
my blood is poison, pumping through my veins,
stalking like a madman killer, we bring the pain
i’d die for all of you, it’s my destiny,
my killer instinct, iron man with a war face scream

we’ve got the look, and it’s open season,
we’ve got that thousand yard stare,
and all we need is a reason
we’re locked and loaded, full metal jacket
we’re in the sh-t and we love it,
let’s motherf-cking do this

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