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here come the mummies – everlasting party lyrics


verse 1:
this is your time
to get it going
all around you, girl
you can feel the party growing.
explore the night
and i think you’ll find
there’s a funky rave
that’s sure to blow your mind, girl

open your eyes, you’re not dreaming
through the night, the love will bring it
(for all time) everyone’s singing!

welcome to our everlasting party
everybody loves a s-xy mummy
time can’t take you if your feet are jumpin’
everybody needs a little something

verse 2:
we aim to please
and energize
where we wanna go
ain’t between your eyes, girl.
we made you move
and we made you sweat-uh.
we made your groin explode
and we ain’t even done yet



don’t think of leaving or heading for the door
cause we’re not done with you, that’s for sure
this is an endless night and what’s more
mummies gonna keep on thumpin’ while we roar
while we roar

there’s a party going on
you best not stay home
this train is leavin’
you got to get on-it
we’re here for you
gonna cut that tether
it’s your party, baby!
and it’s gonna last forever!