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hermi7 khalfani – stoop chillin’ lyrics


[hey arnold skit: harold & neighborhood kids]
stoop kid’s afraid to leave his stoop..
i’m spreading the word..
hey, stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!
stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!
stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!

[verse 1: hermi7 khalfani]

many of bruises on many of fig newton
stupefy the flyest stupendously from my stoop and
bucket hatted hermit the water drip from his roof edge
up the block he’s coolin’ with kenny cool kid
up comes chuck, he said mike is acting foolish
and nappz upstairs just owning two rook nooblets
the hermit get to walking it’s penny house, oh she’s groovin’
he p-ss on the frozen cup, blood still on her stoop sh-t
p-ss by ms. sharon, just to see how she’s doing with eulice
they picking tulips
maybe he is the truest but still moving with the sanity
hop skip to st. anthony
maybe i should walk down, nah she’s in the vanity
i’ll call up jay and say meet by where the lantern be
it’s getting kinda dark, the sack man lurks in vans ya see
back on the stoop, smelling what granny plan to eat
chip hit my line, said walk a block to where grammy be
back out the door thinkin’ rest in peace mr. lee
this two minute walk ain’t sh-t but feel eternally
it’s burnin’ me, ident-ty crisis, this wasn’t meant for me
the last thing remembered was tint and suede luxury

[break: hermi7 khalfani]

uhh, sh-t
sh-t got me mad trippin’ and sh-t
d-mn, what the f-ck?

[verse 2: hermi7 khalfani]

vibration on my leg and sh-t, honey was paging me
but wait where’s chip and that n-gga who shot me blatantly
retracing b, everything crisp and looks as normally
crackers in the cabinet and pots all in the kitchen sink
but here’s the thing
i was dead all in the evening streets
clear as day revolver barrel stared from a sleeve of mink
ain’t easy thinks, delirious, thoughts i meant to think
yo did i leave the stoop? could it be i’m imagining?
temptation for the answer g, led me up to the bathroom sink
a splash a water got me up but still in fact dreaming g
reality is i’m still bedridden and sound a sleep
love stoop chillin’ and sh-t, the stoop is good to me