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hesperus – love me tender lyrics


love me tender or not all, i never read ender’s game
i wore tan suspenders on the train one fall
but every season looks the same in arizona, so months and years blend together;
tell time by faded cards in my wallet
i look so much smaller on my id, and my debit card is beat to sh-t
it rubs my jean pockets when i sit down
criss-cross applesauce, until the threads on my crotch start unraveling
but i pack a thread and needle when i travel round
occasionally have candid talks with strangers, but it’s mostly when the liquor flows
i stay clammed up when i’m sober
clothes start and end conversations, the t-shirt is an avatar
gather information from afar about the shows you watch
the sports you like, your favorite band… your vapid brand allegiance
i’m shallow too, i don’t swim in the deep end much
i’m just tryna stack enough money to not go dutch out of necessity
i’m unimpressive, but i’ll buy your lunch if want
i’ll hold your hand if you let me, you leaned in for a kiss, but i wasn’t ready
my mom wants to know if we’re going steady
i just want to know if you’re going to eat the rest of these veggies
’cause it’s a pet peeve of mine to leave good food untouched
i see dudes combust tobacco and other substances at the bus stop often;
they don’t care enough about laws that seem petty
i’d drink a beer if they let me, lately i’m looking deadbeat preppy
that’s my aesthetic: too centered to be edgy
they tried to spin her around and she upheaved a heavy breakfast to the left of me
so i hold my breath, why is public transit so sketchy?
mesa’s a modern day bethlehem and mary breastfeeds baby jesus in the parking lot
of bookmans: the holiest place on earth. i’m not a wise man
but i came in search of a sign and left with several paperbacks
now, tires and tracks take me back home
love me tender or not at all, when your heart’s big, the world feels smaller
and there’s less fear of the unknown

love me tender or not at all, six pallbearers with stubborn southern drawls
hauled saul from texas in an oak casket
with the hope that he’d bounce back like rubber b-lls in an afterlife, absolved of sin
and forgiven for when his flesh betrayed his faith in god
he gave up his body for a cause, a prophet confident that what he saw
was salvation and not a mirage, we were awestruck by the gall of it
and i’d take notes if they let me
but they just met me and that seemed disrespectful
i’ll love you tender or not at all, even when your eyes look like rendered fat
as the cataracts obstruct the black of your pupils
foggy windows to your soul mute life’s beautiful bold colors
but the warmth is no duller when we hold each other
i’ll cover my shoulder with a blanket ’cause i see you slowly nodding off
and i’d like to soften my collar bone’s corners
i’ll be a friend if you let me, because in a crowd of mourners, loneliness is deadly
we’ll steer together through the currents and eddies

love me tender or not at all
love me tender or not at all
love me tender or not at all
love me tender or not at all