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hesperus – subtleties lyrics


subtly spoken, but blunt smokin’, through the door in the front open
she approached with a candle, and then she lit it in one motion
a token, a sentiment, that was scented with cinnamon
ascension of stenches sent to my senses from sentience
a friendly friend, hence the mutual beeswax
and grinchy green trees to relax, the night’s black
speckled with streetlights like a reverse cheetah
whose tracks fade backwards past the median
lipstick graffiti print kisses from ms.’s and mr.’s chapsticks
tag lips in ad-libbed sequences, obsequious
only to laws of physic we posit privileges present
don’t perpetuate what is to our detriment
when heaven is lofty like ann taylor, we battle like antietam
we scr-p and demand saviours, but are d-mned ‘cause we can’t see them
but we shan’t need ‘em, everything’s ancillary to the free of mind
on more advanced tangents, we open carry sangria wine
with due respect, we bury while you just beat equine
beasts of burden reaped of their prime, chimerican
woman, i seek to steep in your presence all of the time
bucolic, polished, suburban and urban sprawl is combined
this knowledge of thine called in a favor and gifted me wisdom
and granted me haste so we may to escape the walls of this prison
i’d stall if she didn’t, long as division, honest to good and great
‘cause we both knew that this shouldn’t wait, insatiable
hunger’s blunderous, why would we not go back to the bosom
the wrath of a hoodlum trapped in this plastic package is offputting to some
the stark contrasts of battleships and a wooden ark
casual fragileness building only to take apart
we’ve done our due as we markedly re and depopulate
copulate to create new crowds waiting at heaven’s gate
boston lost it in seven, and i know it’s getting late
but can you stay one more half hour…

i am subtly tokin the most potent, emote ‘cause i wrote it
open a can of worms, burn slow, i’m happy and less hopeless
more nappy and less broke, capillaries in my chest soak
residuals of photosynthesis chemicals
dis-ssociate my physical form from this forum, abandon norms of decorum
absorbed in this rock as we orbit an orb of burning gas
this world is turning fast, and each day lasts as long as we want it
fluent in music and strong in ebonics
i want tots from sonic, i wrote sonnets on sonic booms
been on it since embryonics, a sonogram in the womb
from sonogram to the tomb, this son will sample earth’s quirks
astonished by what percolated through in beyond the surface
diverse is a gambit of shirtless bodies modeling
broad points across a vivid spectrum
raw flesh present in any fashion
when our youth is past tense, our skins will trap
artifacts with cryptic captions in an unknown tongue
let self-acceptance be the unsung hero of your
own personal epic, versatile weapon
when life dredges up unknown foes in a dungeon crawl
your comfort is pungent, and we all smell it
smile lines are an embellishment on your already beautiful frame
mangled and bruised by the game, but still enthused be playing at the same time
the pain in painting comes when you can’t do it
the reign in raining ends with the cloud movement
i’m allowed to make loud music with nothing to prove to those who consume it
every groove is just further proof of my growth as a human
oaf to a new man oath and ode to the goals i pursue
with all due respect i don’t owe dues to those who demand scrutiny
any more so than they owe dues to me
from above the b-ttes, i see seeds of expression make waves in a sea-less m-ss
unafraid to splash those in their radii
subtly shifting the paradigm, break sticks and split carrots with all those who care to dine
your work has merit, so keep creating it
i love the shades of grey in this gradient
greatness can be grating, but i’ll respect its innate amazingness instead of degrading it… subtly… or overtly… i’ll work with you if you work with me
when i work with you, it’s not work with to me
let’s work with more earnesty than urgency
i’ll be your guiding light through turbid seas, and vice versa…