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hillsquad – lavish livin’ lyrics


[hook: don yon]
i’m riding with my n-ggas, yea we dope fiends
f-ck around we gon catch you in our benzez
got the ralph and the gucci, no clearance
f-ck around might have to catch a sentence

[verse 1: don yon]
im riding with my n-ggas, yea you know what’s good
in that beamer, drop top, ain’t got no hood
round here yea we well established motherf-ckers
but still always down to ride on glenelg suckas
estate on 1-0-8, we always got a full plate
and that’s the reason why jealous n-ggas wanna hate
we got them white girls drinking gin and sprite
and our parties live, shoutout to randy white
uh, uwaoko that’s my f-cking mans
catch me at your local party edward 40 hands
run into my n-gga st–z, yea he got that tree
shoutout a-town, b-i-b-m-t

[hook] x2

[verse 2: uwaoko]
i’m the young rich n-gga known as uwaoko
we go to river hill so we reppin hoco
i got so much money now my pockets fat
i’m wid these resi girls cause that’s where it’s at
uh, me and my n-ggas tryna get it ya bish
just say you down for the f-cking squad
we like snow bunnies with the blues eyes
she got a fat -ss call her tracy wise
a n-gga so childish
so he must be donald glover
cause i’m rich, i’m young
she’s saying that she loves me
she’s saying that she wants me
it’s probably all this money


[outro: don yon]
uh, mixtape 1-0-8
coming to your area soon baby
just wait on it
uh, stay up
yo uwa, let’s go get some chipotle man
im hungry

geeked up!