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hio – jitterbug lyrics


verse one
hit the blunt and i’m blazed
make me cough till i choke
tryna think what to say
words get caught in my throat
true to the sentences swallowing
still ain’t agreed to what i wrote
ready to unbottle whats bottled in
prove to me closer than go
hold me tighter in them seconds
we took for granted before
all these problems are relevant in the morning i know
but for now, you’re my julia rocking jewelry
30,000 on my collarbone
in and out of discussion
i’m in and out when your mama home
yea yea
you interrupting my sentences
kissing me like a memory
biting my lip in monotone
yea yea
biting it till it bleeds
raised upon my street
roses on my feet
chasing you in my sleep
at least i feel something (4x)

i got your jitterbug (6x)
your jitterbug

verse two
common copied copyrights
been brought designed not to offer lots of options for the ones looking a little different
blind toward colors of the flesh
moving rather pussyfooted i can see the guilt weighing down your chest
multiple in f-cking fear everyday demoralized
when there’s nowhere else to stay
but always motherf-cking here
but hate is all i f-cking hear
identify as paralyzed
can’t leave i’m way too afraid of what you’d ever think
views validating all the evidence that they’ll ever need to know
that that’ll never be shit
i can see right through your prototyped confidence
to rather get with suicide then advertised
how that everything is fine
when nothing ever what it f-cking seems
even when its changing trapped in degrees
trapped in the same stereotype that was made by ones that never knew the motherf-cking basics