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hodgy beats – samurai lyrics



[hook x2]
cadillac gold grills in my mother f-ckin’ mouth
cocaine, gold chain rests on my vertebrae
all them n-gg-s that be hatin’ better watch what they say
i heat ’em up, beat ’em up i’m c-ssius clay

[verse 1]
mountain climbing’s about the rhyming, i (work) to the tippy-top
me, my notepad, mary jane, sticky pot
ticks from the clock, so it means i don’t get to stop
i be in the studio pacing, waiting for this sh-t to drop
n-gg-s wish whether we flop divac
flock to take me a boombox, every f-cking 2 knocks
i see you running ya chops, chop it up and get chopped
bag ’em up, he off the docks, and b-tch i’m at the beach
b-tch i’m at the beach, (oh) b-tch i’m at the beach
with a childish flow, that means this sh-t is at your reach
i’m here to keep it g, from the eyes (i’s) how i see
you’re here to be a b-i-t on my d
i need no id for you to recognize
i exercise my thought, got you petrified, b-tch i’m next to die
(die) consider me invisible, and also one mentally f-cked individual

(a bunch of coughing and trading blunts, p-ssing the weed around)

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
why the f-ck got these n-gg-s gotta hate for?
i got a lot of sh-t they can’t pay for
cooler than the beach, f-ck the lakesh-r-
you n-gg-s take six, well i’mma take more
i’m like a virgin d-ck, i go hard, and i get up in your b-tch and boguard (both gone?)
n-gg-s riding waves without the chauffeur
i’mma drown your -ss and take your surfboard (p-ssy!)
my sh-t stink, no cushion whoopie
goldberg i beat the track goldberg
dusting off my shoulders and keep it moving forward
n-gg- sat and playing madden on the couch, bored
slower, you mother f-ckers goin’ nowhere
except for taking grandma to the store
turn the television on and check the score
and trail like a tail on a f-cking horse