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holly near – something about the women lyrics


one woman weaves a message
singing the sounds of silence
another wheels her chair to the center of the stage
changing minds and att-tudes
with eyes that hear and hands that see
these women working, living independently
i look to you, i look to you for courage in my life
and i promise it’s not just foolish idolatry
that makes me gaze at you in wonder
some drink and call it celebration
for some it is pain and sorrow
she says “well maybe just this once would be ok”
but the voice of millions strong
surviving guiding light
a circle holds her tightly and she throws the drink away
so big and beautiful, she sets my heart on fire
like a raging river in the moonlight of the dawn
she’s the mother of my youth
she’s the daughter of my age
this woman now and always . .
survival is her name, healer of my pain, quiet in her fame
goddess keep me sane