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hollywood lies – you know damn well lyrics


you know d-mn well why we don’t talk anymore. i can see it clearly down the scope of this empty bottle. i’ve got my problems and we both know that’s for sure, but these three digits will keep hanging around my neck just like a noose. it’s strangling away my life, or what’s left of it. i swear there’s got to be a mix-up, let’s get this straight – we never wanted this, and we never needed this. so take your ticket and keep standing in line. while i move to the beat, my heart pulses in time. oh, right now, we’re just sifting through the ashes of our infinite mistakes. and when we hide away, it only says little of our character. so take a step out of your simple life and walk around. just open up your eyes and tell me what you see. i pick myself up off the dusty wooden floor again. i’d tear my heart out just to know that it was still beating. flat lining, i’ll sail emotions to the sh-r- of crippled nights. i’ll spend my time alone, so please won’t you call me out? ’cause i’m standing in line. you’re the only one i want to sleep with tonight, so tie your red ribbon. you caught me staring at my rib-cage, slow, baby. another couple nights, you’ll think i’m crazy. but when is enough enough?