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holy moses – def con ii lyrics


[1) high ragid features]

and fust a shask
the politicians worst nightmare
no talking speaches, but talking was
def con ii, but don’t despalz
we got the weapons, we got the buts
and there are satery regulations
so don’t you wormy
it will be child’s play
to save the west’s united nations
def con ii, we’re talking you
def con ii, the rockets roodaarr!

[2) they’re using sh-lls]

they’re using bombs
blozing rockets fire power
pulling trigger
the soldiers sense
the giants urge to devour
the got it clear
in their sights
the new keeps moving forward
they have to face it
the chilling truth
all their efforts all in vein
def con ii, we’re …

[lead solo: hermann]

[3) the politician]

is turning white
he watched it all from the distance
the last decision
is taken from him
human technology is useless
and now the giants
emithing shockwaves
they feed convulsions in their hearts
and their blood
begins to boil
the pressures
in their lemts