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honest bob and the factory-to-dealer incentives – i know your name lyrics


when i saw you waking
underneath the tree
i had seven questions
so i asked you five and you answered three
and i got the answer
i needed to obtain
i know what to call you
if i ever run into you again

i know your name

when i saw you walking
underneath the sun
i still had five questions
so i asked you three and you answered one
and i got the info
i needed to attain
i know what to carve there
when you get your plaque in the hall of fame

i know your name

you used your ukulele
to euthanize my brain
you’re strong as a shillelagh
you’re sweet as aspartame
i -n-lyze you daily
results remain the same
now that i know your name

found a man to help with
what i was going through
he had several questions
so he asked me one and i said ‘i do’
now i’m your only fella
and you’re my only dame
you’re the one i’m meant for
as far as i can ascertain

i know your name