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honest bob and the factory-to-dealer incentives – triple point lyrics


when we meet, when we kiss
don’t be startled if i hiss
i’m just air, i’m not there
when i’m with you

when i think of how you felt
i can’t do anything but melt
easy to pour, and i know you’re
melting too

it’s just a phase and it could change
but it’s already lasted days and i’m already feeling strange
i’m in a daze, i feel deranged
i’m at a triple point, i’m not stable today

when i freeze at your touch
don’t interpret it too much
i’ve got a past, it won’t last
not for long

pretty soon, i can tell
everything is going to gel
not solid yet, but when it’s set
it’ll be strong

but oh, i feel sublime
you sublimate me all the time
evaporating all my mind
incinerate me, i feel fine