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honey cocaine – mafia (freestyle) lyrics


tell these b-tches i’m queen, tell these b-tches i’m gold
if you been where i’ve been, then you’d probably turn cold
i give a f-ck ’bout you b-tches who got a problem with me
i do sh-t for myself, n-body got it for me
you got an issue with me, but you ain’t licensed to speak
’cause i be feedin’ the streets, your -ss is nothin’ to me
i’ve been hot with the lyrics and i’ve been dope with the fashion
i said i want it i need, i done spoke, i take action
and when you talkin’ i’m workin’, i’m gettin’ things i’m deservin’
but at a point i was hurtin’ and gettin’ nothin’ like virgins
i be takin’ my time, i’m only twenty years old
n-body f-ckin’ with coca, i tell them suckers “go home”
b-tch i’m hype ’cause i’m certified, all my b-tches qualified
f-ckin’ with my team, finna get your face modified
what you comin’ for me? i ain’t scared, fam’
i eat them j’s off your feet with my bare hands
stupid–ss b-tch just stop
’cause i ain’t finna tolerate this sh-t you talk
unless the b-tch a boss she gettin’ boxed
they said coca been on, and b-tch you not
i be ’bout it but i ain’t the type to start sh-t
asian b-tch, never a fool, always some smart sh-t
who you playin’? i done learned the game
n-body teachin’ me sh-t, ’cause me and you not the same
so get to suckin’ b-tch, you talk too much
you get a bit of f-ckin’ fame, think you popular
you twerkin’ for a name, n-gg-s bought you stuff
i make my own d-mn money, and i shop enough
they say i lie about the sh-t i do
now you flexin’ ’cause coca ain’t f-ckin’ with you
b-tch, swerve – i make moves, it’s the truth
this the mafia, b-tch – who you?

all you b-tches just got slayed – honey cocaine
gold gang – cold crew