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honeykomb brazy - jr vs. brazy lyrics


sometimes i feel like all i got is my big brother
all i got is this draco
tryna give you a halo
all i got is these 50 shot
another 30 on the ar
imma slang this b+tch like aaron rodgers
? with that rod
ain’t no n+gga finna play me boy
f+ck you think this .380 for?
i want that baby with the sh+tty pamper
with the fake gun in his baby car
tell tyrese you know i’m waist deep
in these streets
you can’t handle me like baby boy (jodie!)

been through the rain, now ? dip
i get in gear, take off like a reindeer (pewwwww)
your love wasn’t real so it don’t remain here (boom!)
k!ll all the smoke, that’s how you make things clear (ooooooo)
know a lot of n+ggas mad i’m still breathing
thеy want to hit me with the shovel
riding round with a k and a 9
wе call that hoe german shepherd
time to slide, me and ai pancake with syrup on we stick together
riding with this b+tch, we will leave with three something
they just gonna get flipped together
football interception, they just gonna get picked together
i’m with the sh+t
i’m t.i backwards, that’s means i’m it
you thinking about it, that means you’ll snitch
you f+ck with them n+ggas that means you a switch
tell them free ? they gave him a life sentence
you will ride round with 100 on a stick
they be like honeykomb hard talking rock hard
need to put a condom on him
go bazonka’s on him, put that llama on him
make him tell his mama on me
i’m the type of n+gga try to f+ck mich+lle
make her tell obama on me
all these m+th+f+ckin choppers over here
finna tell osama on me
realest sh+t with a stick
i really trap now
you know i been through more sh+t than a sissy d+ck
you know i been through more sh+t than a toilet
you call me e because i stay with a 40
shoutout e+40 i trap out apartments
got head from a barber on your grandmama carpet
junior r+t+rded
i mean junior was starving, so junior was heartless
f+ck my little b+tch, i can’t tell you i’m sorry
you can’t come before my mama daughter
i love my little sister like michael myers
i mean, i love my little sister like scarface
i k!ll my dog about her
but still gonna k!ll for my dog like john wick
dea say i’m a convict
tell dog, still on the don sh+t
put a drum on the stick call it drumstick (brazy!)
know how this finna go
and it came with a scope?
ooooo, i’m in love with this hoe
i’m just gonna set it up, let ai shoot it (boom!)
we call that pick and roll
open his cantelope
you know we been stamping sh+t like some envelope
you not no gangsta boy
you just a nicki minaj, you been a hoe
make a n+gga kick the door
n+gga don’t want no smoke
make you go get them folks
they gonna be asking questions
imma just gonna tell them no
they gonna threaten me with prison
im just gonna tell them so
i never been a fall
i never run from n0body n+gga
f+ck they talking about?
honeykomb sign a million dollar deal
still in the drug spot
whipping some coca+cola
look like a n+gga tryna clean the tub out
street lights was too bright, couldn’t hustle right
used to shoot the bulbs out (brazy!)
this that junior flow
you been going too long, now let junior go
every time i step in the studio
imma drop some hot sh+t like a booty hole
when you shot your first n+gga how old you was?
i was number 11 like julio
i remember the times i was stupid broke
now i drip on they ass in some gucci clothes
how you strapped with a d+ck but you coochie though?
talking loud about what you gonna do to folks
run up on me and get tootsie rolled
imma shoot that b+tch until it can’t shoot no more
like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
that’s how it sound when i dump out
boom, boom, cl!ck, f+ck, sh+t
that’s how it sound when i run out
clack, clack, chhh, chhh
yea, that’s how it sound when i reload
boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
that’s how it sound when i hit you some more (brazy!)
woke up early this morning
ate me some fish and grits
heard migos sending drugs through the water
i’m tryna fish a brick
reel it in, get that b+tch
hustle like a m+th+f+cka, on that nipsey sh+t
these n+ggas sweet like a m+th+f+cka
on some rice krispies sh+t
i swear i can’t stand a snitch
might pull out a knife and get on some prison sh+t
if you get jammed, go and lay down
don’t even make the bed up
i done seen n+ggas fold and still go to prison
f+ck did you tell for?
tell them i’m aired up
my strap ain’t on the left, that b+tch on the right
like i’m in a mail truck
yea i got ? full of garbage bag we call it a ? truck
thinking back to the first n+gga ever smoke gas
why he inhale for?
sh+t, he had to go and slide, he was gonna die
why he in jail for?
i know god real, shot me 10 times
i’m sending my prayers up
but it’s hard to read that bible
when you know most of your n+ggas in h+ll bruh
ain’t n0body make it up
when it’s time to fight, i’m 10 toes down
ain’t n0body take it up
and know i can’t make this up

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