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​hooligan chase – petrichor lyrics


you drop, you drop, you drop
(type sh+t, type sh+t)

type sh+t
i’m a flight risk
flip the light switch
got these b+tches workin’ night shifts
run a tight ship
that’s that vice grip
kneel down for me, you so righteous
solve your crisis
sh+t, i might just
rather not know what the price is
i just swipe sh+t
that’s some light sh+t
gotcho b+tch i nice gift
type sh+t
well, it’s yet another day to myself
when you come in, put your face on my belt
get to work
i’m the one that you can hate if it helps
it don’t hurt
open casket with a smurk
catch me nappin’ in the dirt

i’ll go out with a bang
got several widows weepin’
my t++th becoming fangs
paralysis while sleepin’
i do not feel no pain
the willow tree is creakin’
that smell before it rains

i write you from this devil town
time is up, my body’s just a vessel now
settle down zealots
now let’s say this sh+t together now
heaven is a place in the sticks, i can take you
cursed at my birth by the god that you pray to

in my bunker preppin’ for my doomsday
and if that don’t k!ll me
then i guess inhaling fumes may
think he iron giant
when i step in, make the room shake
in my loving memory
just let this f+ckin’ tune play
watch as i consume prey
my life is a typo
gotchu by the ears
you’ve been duped by the maestro
cackle like a psycho
this is my tonight show
volunteer my guest, test subject, for the white coats
glad we got the ice broke
dimethyltryptamine, getcha face stuck
hallucinate a being with its face cut
you let out a scream when it wakes up
then you start to believe what it makes up