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horror city – change the game lyrics


im a change the game be clear i wrote it before i voted the crowd now cheers…,in protest with a fist and a sign god gave a sign the sign was dotted lines….i pay the same rate but the price inflates al and jessie pay a corporate rate now wait let that sink in for a minute i am talking slow so you millennials get it …crooked hillary fell for the foolary media tricking yall with the shinny jewelry they k!lled the indians enslaved the africans now its the mexicans war on the melanin the truth my friend no such thing as sin water and oxygen survival of the next kin i repent when i vent so i clear my soul so my conscience is free of the m-ss control propaganda box got you in a transism you blink hoodwinked by the trump ism prison now a stock market in the system been robbed all in the name of capitalism my prism be 3 dimension did i mention my lessons be giving birth c sections my exit be the back door through the kitchen i am known in the ville like albany and dixon i am itchin now play with me put six in the back of your dome front face no fix in i am blitzin gotta take a chance clock tickin never show fear if you do its fried chicken rullers confuse us say we free men without truth but every day a lesson curse or a blessin depending on how you receive it and the powers blend it in with the media feeding us the devils recipe death in a blender never surrender your freedom ain’t free its a illusion caught in the matrix with mophious those atheist mockin us mosses lead me out of slavery bible says be a good slave who really save me gave me the light the spirit not fear it forbidden to challenge any book a night man written from where im sittin and the bars im spittin i went from crack in the kitchen to a good man livin i was a puppet perfect cover for the master now im a king when i come through hear trumpets the world burns lessons learn through the suffer heel up wheel up bring it back come rewind back to the time we rock rhymes for glow shine back to the future im looser with a looger introduce ya to madussa i seduce her use to play the booster on the roof of one love to kendu and ms ughler hard knocker ole schooler puff the buda im slicker than rick i always been a ruler dont care about money fame not my desire 5000 or 2 people i still spit fire love of the game truth to the m-sses original man from clay c-ssius im so future your rhymes is out dated you don’t get what im sayin until 20 years later i stay strapped ready for the battle mentally physically fire verses from a loooooong barrel blow they brains out wash the blood stains out take the profit gain fortune and the fame out supertsrar what that bllod clot talkin bout…………..