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horseburner – eleleth lyrics


ascension! the call, ethereal
the voice‚ heaven sound
hear his song awind to ground
seduction! the light in morning sky
ecstasy of knowledge learned
watch in awe‚ the world will turn
elation! my burden left behind
escape the seed‚ the plow, the field
the aeon’s song will teach us yield
aberration! the pleading, silent stares
words cannot change the path
a reckoning has come at last

we felt the call from the realm where dead men dwell
above the earth we will rise to final light

unburden! breathe deep the sour wine
gaze upon your world of dust
drink but quick‚ and stay the cup
awaken! you bold and loyal men
lie and free the third
hear now my whispers
envision! your place at my hand
your palace, grand and gold
glory now yours to behold
abandon! let go of the earth
the life inside your lungs
my son it is done

from the ground in shadow
hidden in the halo
as they sleep evermore
barren lies the earth below
darkened land, waters still
commence now‚ night untold