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hot tuna – genesis (live) lyrics


time’s come for us to part
~and think of living as it was.
into the future we must cross…
…must cross.

~i’d like to go with you
~and i’d like to go with you.

you say i’m harder than a wall
~a marble shaft about to fall.
i love you dearer than them all…
…them all.

~so let me stay with you
~so let me stay with you.

and as we walked into the day
~sky’s of blue have turned to gray.
i might have not been clear to say…
to say…

…i’d never look away
~i’d never look away.

and though i’d i’m feeling you inside
~my life is rolling with the tide.
i’d like to see it be an open ride…

~along with you
~going along with you.

the time we’d borrowed from ourselves
~can’t stay within a vaulted cell.
and living turns into a lender’s well…

~so let me come with you
~and let me come with you.

and when we came out into view
~and there i found myself with you.
when breathing felt like something new…

~along with you
~going along with you.