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huffy – lovewave lyrics


[intro: alice & caterpillar]
whooo are you?
i-i-i hardly know sir, i’ve changed so many times since this morning you see
i do not see, explain yourself
well i’m afraid i can’t explain myself sir, because i am not myself you know
i do not know
well i can’t put it any more clearly for it isn’t clear to me

[verse 1]
when solely only solar is in charge of me
i spark the weed
yeah probably
the prophecy is found at the top of trees
a part of me departs i loose myself in art just like the pottery
an anomaly, i be isosceles
i found my real voice amidst the empty void i’m done with lies in this democracy
i rather keep my sovereignty
and listen to myself and my hypotheses
also done with absurd bullsh-t false allegations
i rather ride the tidal wave and smoke until my pulse jamaican
meditating for my mind to reach it’s full awakenin’
can’t listen to the pastor preachin’ cause he dull and vacant
engage my heightened sensitivity
the wisdom literally begins to coincide with my abilities
increased agility mental fertility
i’m truly just starting to see all the possibilities

[verse 2]
i must illuminate the issue
industries are synthesizing crops just to exterminate our muscle tissue
i match the vibrancies inside my crystal
theirs irony because my head is calm but my words perform mental jiu- jitsu
your government dismiss you
the fallacies seem so official so that when you tear they try to sell you tissues
the hope is artificial
but the truth will set you free and liberate your soul from corporate ent-ties
yeah this portrait destiny
realize that you can achieve anything through your own mental density
your thoughts especially
don’t give it’s equity to p-wns like kennedy because they lie and truly try to f-ck your mental chemistry

so grab a plate, and i’ll serve you knowledge
i got something hot deep and heavy brewing up inside my cauldron
me and brothers fly high from flowers inside my garden
d-mn that’s a squadron
i play and calculate about sp-ce often
lay down looking at the stars drop lsd inside my coffin
embrace the love and take caution
psilocybin and ayahuasca; the truth serum concoction
they help me stay plottin’