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human remain – no way to be lyrics


[verse 1]
there’s trouble brewing in the middle east
seems like for thousands of years
people down there living in a blood feast
so we send in marines with peaceful guns
pulling in, pulling out
trying very hard to pull the wool over our eyes
mr soviet man treading on water
run into afghanistan
and you bring them all down to their knees
then spreading hatred, spreading disease
tell me where in this world
can a man just do as he please
and that ain’t no way to be
that ain’t no way to be
and that ain’t no way to be
that ain’t no way to be
it’s never no way to be
[verse 2]
there’s a macho man who drives a trans am
looking good he knows he’ll get away with
just about anything that he can
he spots a dog crossing the road
speeds up and feels the impact
as he shoots his load
[verse 3]
i know a man who worked every day of his life
comes home in the evening
thinks he has a deal with his wife
and the kids are pulling his hair out everyday
then he looks at the television
and reads about all of the people blowing one other away