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hunt the dinosaur – coin lyrics


the one thing that i love more than women
or any drug that i’ve ever indulged in
is something that is common, but hard to obtain
it can give you power, it can give you everything
every single desire and treasure
everything in this life that brings pleasure
can be in the palm of your hand
can be in the palm of your hand

all i want is money
nothing else matters
the root of all evil
is where there’s pleasure
the finer things in life are so much better
acquire what you can, store up your treasure

i want the world and everything in it
you want the world too, don’t be scared to admit it
i wanna drown myself in luxury
i want the power, i want all the money

happiness is achieved by greed

stacks on stacks on stacks

i love money. i love everything about what it does for you. keep it coming. i’m so obsessed with stacking revenue. do you think i’m funny? i may be a tad bit strange, but it is the truth. you love money just as much as i mother f-cking do