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hunter hayes – more than i should lyrics


oooh yeahhh!

wasted time and money
honey, treatin’ you like a queen.
i might as well have just thrown matches at a tank of gasoline
well it all went up in a ball of flames.
yeah, girl you torched me good.
yeah, i got burned and learned that i loved you more than i should.

cause my heart said a long time ago,
buddy tuck your tail and run.
cause it ain’t love,
when you’re stuck on the wrong end of the gun
well, you put your finger on that trigger
and you shot me where i stood.
i found out the hard way.
i loved you more than i should.

ooooh yeahhh!

well, curse the man who made the sweet perfume that cast the spell.
and curse the night that made us kiss beneath the star that fell.
and curse the man before me,
didn’t warn me when he could.
and curse me most of all for loving you more than i should.


oooh more than i should, yeahhh!

last night i found myself inside the strangest, sweetest dream
you were standin’ arms wide open right in front of me.
the closer i moved toward you, the further away you stood.
i woke up and wispered, “i loved you more than i should.”
they’ll write on my gravestone,
i loved you more than i should.

more than i should, yeahhh!



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