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hussykat – lie to me lyrics


[hook: roze]
jealousy, chick please, i can do better myself
diamond rings, and shopping sprees, girl i’m bad for your health
she says lie to me lie to me lie to me
girl i’m bad for your health
she says lie to me lie to me lie to me
girl i’m bad for your health

[verse 1: hussykat]
a lose-lose situation and i’m tryna win
cuz i love her then i hate her then i love her again
i ain’t force you to do nothing girl you had a choice
i only did what i did just to prove a point
we managed to stay friends even though you’re now with him
i find it really ill though how we fell in love again
for you i had an open heart and now it’s time for locking it
if you try and call my phone i’ll put you on block again
she used to ignore me and now she call me for sex
and when i respond i’m like i’m back with my ex
she pretends that she loves me but she’s after the money
even over my dead body she ain’t taking it from me
fell in love in the fitting room man she was beautiful
she remind me of somebody that i used to know
back then she told me we’re better off as friends
now want me cuz she see me rolling in a bnez


[verse 2: esta da boss]
told her i’m bad for her health but she loves the gee in me
she’s catching vibes of the way i ride eve time she’s seeing me
the life style, everyday just want it for nothing
but you ain’t committed you still gotta get with it
it’s got me tired knowing the lie is what you desire
wants me right there denying instead of trying
it got me realizing we’re hardly vibing, nowhere to hide when
the truth comes out i’m living that’s what you’re about
it’s when i’m hardly existing that i need you around
just like the rest i should’ve guessed you’re nowhere to be found
you should be counting your blessings instead of testing
got me lying to every question like being fake is your profession
material girl in a lost world of others’ possessions
no originality you’re just not good for me
you gotta make you happy before you make someone else
no time for jealousy and lies i’m good by myself