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hydr0xide – chemical catalyst lyrics


[verse 1: dylan jayce]
jayce with a gold ring, walking down town looking fly
got some new wings, aye
i am the new king
got that swing thing
drake wish that he had my ting, aye
we go around the world
this sh-t will make you twirl
got some girls living in beijing (nihao)
cocaine flow make yo hoe get low
my bars are laced like a shoestring, aye
wait a minute
just wait a motherf-cking minute
i’m a busy man let me handle my business
i promise i’mma let you finish (ye)
my commissary gonna turn into commas
my momma will tell me she proud of me (mama)
that’s word to king kenny i’m stronger than henny
aw many men wish death upon me (fiddy)
i’mma billy bounce on the beat
i mean f-ck your couch, that’s where i f-cked your spouse
she’s a super freak, hit it every week, rinse and then repeat
man she love this meat
huh, yeah n-gg-s what’s beef?
all of you new n-gg-s rippin’ keef
better start hailing to the new chief
you coming at me i’ll kick you in your f-cking teeth
i might just run for the government
run up against me i’ll make you irrelevant
put your entire career in a deficit
n-gg-s won’t take me out of my element
elegant flow, make me sound arrogant
what can i say, i’m just benevolent
devilish looks, black and intelligent
staking embellishments
i am the eminent lord (preach)

[verse 2: tla]
really the trillest i’m really the illest
of course i am down, i am down to get figures
the flow is so tight that you think i’m a virgin
i’m dropping 10 bands on the shoes now i’m splurging
bro are you sick?
are you allergic? (achoo)
did the bars h-t you, anesthesia, a surgeon?
are you a k!ller?
are you the realest?
or are you just a faker and i have to just end you?
hit it like lonzo i just like to ball
feel like i’m andre i’m 7 foot tall
just beat you n-gg-s it wasn’t a brawl
this rap game is easy, no contest at all
not tryna brag or i’m not tryna boast
just check the clock 15 minutes is toast
new kids on the block dropping bombs on your phones
when i take all your fans it’s et phone home
wanna be the biggest have three girls like the some triplets
trying to change some people’s lives by the time i’m 25
i’m blessed and highly favored how can i really complain?
the lord has blessed me with these gifts i’m rocking plain jane
neck so icy feel like gucci mane cold (brr)
don’t step to me, man you n-gg-s not bold
my life is getting better and better like everyday
i’m trapped inside the ghetto, i’m really finding a way (uh)

[verse 3: fish]
can’t stand all the f-ck sh-t (nah)
that donald trump always duck sh-t (woo)
my ex popped in my dm’s (who?)
i’m like ha, good luck b-tch
i chilled the flow now it’s slowmo
still hit it like a free throw
i told your girl i was stressed
she came in clutch with the deep throat
i’m in this b-tch and i know that i’ll thrive
don’t drown in the p-ssy i just scuba dive
bob weave and jive
f-cking these b-tches like in my room i just had five
i’m a bull in a china shop down in new york like i milly rock
n-gg- we are on top and we will never stop
until the labels are calling us like the white people are calling the cops
hit him in the knee caps
hit him in a ski mask
snitches ain’t around us
ain’t n-body see that
b-tches are crazy
take ’em all to rehab
new push-to-start
had to take the keys back yeah
and that chick you call your girl
to her i’m more than just a friend
she always on that team rocket
her pants are blasting off again (blasting off again)
i’m like mike tyson with the heavy hits
mike strahan with the teeth width
mike myers always seeing green
just call me shrek with a money grip
these girls on an acid trip
deflated t-ts, brady sh-t
hydr0xide getting rich as f-ck
all these b-tches can’t handle it (i’m done)