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hyperborea – fanatic devotion lyrics


a sickness of mankind
born in the ancient dusk
designed to block the progress of nations
pseudo-spiritual enemy of civilization
are you a disciple?

inst-tutions of the evil
maintaining the faith in some goodness
bolstered by fanatism and fear
to keep them under control

the flight of human spirit-
trapped in a cage of canons
captured by dogmatic schemes
halted by religious fears

the true faith does not need fuel
the true faith lacks dimensions
the true faith means freedom
the true faith is not at all a
fanatic devotion
for all the ages of spiritual oppression
our need to find a sense has been subjected
transformed into an allegiance of fear
dogmatic lies make inner image disappear

with b-st–l devotion spreading only lies
your faith on earth – perpetual surmise
avalanching crowds of psychos
21st century disciples

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