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hyperviolet ca – warm la night lyrics


it’s nothing you’d understand
but i have something to say
now is not time or place
there have been lies in the past
and the die has been cast

you maggots make me sick
one and all you are hypocrites
i gave up on love in life a long time ago
i’m slipping through your window . .
to take you down

i am above
your experience of
i’ve become your worst fear
i’ll make you disappear
i aim to please
i’m a deadly disease
on a warm la night

sleeping on your grave
don’t you ever misbehavе
i don’t need to hear what i’ve
already hеard before
the devil you have sworn…..your life away
dreams below in flame
i grew up on the war
an evil dwells deep within
legions of the night
repeat not the errors of
an evil dwells deep within

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