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i am war – chipped shoulders and heart attacks lyrics


i can see it in you, i can see it in me.
black mark on the heart, blemish waiting to break free.

chipped shoulder, heart attack. you’ll never see what’s
it you’re always looking back.
fight, fight. a soul jet black, will never love anything
it will always lack.

stand up, take it back.
your sanity is yours, if you could only laugh.
chipped shoulder, heart attack, never see what’s coming.

before you fall, before i fail to catch you.
step back repose. there must be another answer.

so until you stop, stop to breathe.
don’t you, don’t you tell me.
how horrifying life can, life can be.
i think you’re scared, scared to live and breathe.
i think you’re scared to live and breathe.