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i hate this place – sky and sea lyrics


if i were the ocean
would you be the sky?
we could reflect each other’s colors
with never a doubt

and i’d be as deep
as you are high
clinging to every last word
that falls from your clouds

they call me atlantic
because i’m dark and i’m blue
the currents of cold introspection pull
dive too far you may drown

but call from above
your warmth brings me to you
and we dance as we rise droplets slow crystallized
tumble heavy back down

and there you go, sunset
gathering gold in the dusk
so precious on the foamy troughs and crests
that keep us apart

but somewhere far from here
our horizons still clutch
you close to me, you’re the sky and i’m the sea
i’m calling you now
clinging to every last word
that falls from your clouds