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iamchriscraig – rengoku. lyrics


(woah, huh+huh)
aye, yuh, yuh (this thing on?)
(aye, let me just clear my head)
huh, uh, yeah, yeah (huh, what? let me just clear my head)
woah, woah (let me just clear my head)
uh (let me just+)

let me turn all my strife into ashes
i reside in a chasm of madness
livin’ in visions, my enemies wishin’ the kid’ll be dead in a casket
know i’m puffin’ my chest and assertin’ my dominance
quick in the simplest fashion
you can keep all the talk and the cap you be spittin’
i promise to god you can have it (facts)
i reside in a blaze
rushin’ the sonics up out of my system
my life is a game that i futilely play
nevertheless, i will pass every test
and they know that a legend is soon to be made
i made a promise that i’d never fall
with my back to the wall ’til i land in my grave
i will be there if you needin’ a call
know my name johnny storm how i walk in the flames
livin’ like a legend, it will never be the same (wha+ what?)
lessons be learned ’til there’s nothin’ to gain (yeah)
i will never give another minimal effort
to any enemy sneakin’, i get to aimin’ for the brain
don’t play with fire, it can’t be contained
try to extinguish, you must be ashamed
say he the best as he wish to proclaim
turns to nothin’ when he met with a flare
mentionin’ me, i ain’t one to compare
been in the fight, never ran away scared
you get the message? you better prepare
’cause i’m leavin’ you red like the tips of my hair
you see i really be eatin’
you n+ggas is food and i promise you need to beware
flame on the hip, got me pullin’ the nine
now you hearin’ rengoku reside in the air
really, how i’m feelin’? i’m amazing
there is no more time to be complacent
stick look like frieza’s third form
i just get the universe a blazin’
they don’t wanna see a brother winnin’
might as well just try to keep ’em hatin’
know the blade is e for every opp
guaranteed the perfect information
yeah, yeah, let me just clear my head (aye)
yeah, yeah, let me just clear my head (aye)
woah, what? let me just clear my head (aye)
(yeah, yeah, yeah, aye)

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