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iamdominiquelee – my dawg (remix) lyrics


verse 1 [iamdominiquelee]

shake back once get em d, n-gg-s from the hood know its me
i ain’t never been the type of dude to run up on ya let me pay the fee
aye, rip go to lil hecta, aye.. pray that i see you in heaven
aye lord let me send him a message, aye i got your brother no question
women be talking bout money like what be the problem i keep it one hundred
i look at lil mama like why you keep stuntin’ you know that you love me like that sh-t ain’t funny
she know that i run it wait her n-gg- be coming
i don’t be beefing on twitter ima keep holding it down. ima go send him my hitta
jalen be sending them rounds, ima just say i’m official
ya baby she love to go down. she love to go lick on my pickle
wait i be on top of the surface like get it n-gg-s be poppin them purks but don’t listen
women they say ima jerk but i gotta work cause i gotta get richer