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ian hunter – knees of my heart lyrics


(ian hunter)

how do i begin – where do i start
when did you first scr-pe the knees of my heart
you said you would never marry a musician
i said that’s all right – ‘cos i ain’t good enough to be one
you dragged this basket case – in out of the dark
and i fell for you – from the knees of my heart

the registrar’s office was a bold council gray
i slipped the ring on your finger – it’s there to this day
oakington avenue – corn flakes ‘n’ jam
i sprayed your anglia black – but it still looks like a pram
you got the face of an angel – i felt cupid’s dart
all the way down to the knees of my heart

you love me – you hate me
you move me – you irritate me
when i go over the top you always drag me back
you fill in all the cracks – i guess opposite’s attract
and i’m glad of that

down by the river where the humming birds hum
i bought you house with a burglar alarm system
you’re honest, you’re faithful – you’re loyal and true
where would i be if it was not for you?

for always and ever – ”til death do us part
i will love you – from the knees of my heart