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ian randall thornton – some say lyrics


[verse 1]
you were unafraid
i say boy you’ve been brave
i’ve seen you stand and stare fear in the face
and i’ve seen you weep like
the joyful morning dew
i’ve been changed by the tears i’ve shed with you

[tag 1]
some say a man should hide his tears
but we’ve seen more men hide them behind their greater fears

[verse 2]
you were unashamed
i say boy you’ve been changed
i’ve seen you soften like soil in the rain
and tender ground can rid the soul of bitter roots
and i’ve been changed by the seeds i’ve seen you choose

[tag 2]
some say a man must fight to live
but i’ve seen it take a far greater man to forgive

[tag 3]
some say a man should keep his pride
when the greatest man was humble and crucified
i guess we all just need to be redefined

[instrumental break]

you are a man
i hope our roads will ever grow and collide
and we will see these seeds have grown and multiplied