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ice cube – dimes & nicks (a call from mike epps) lyrics


[phone ringing:]
voicemail: your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system…
ice cube: ice cube.
voicemail: he’s not available. to page this person press 5 now.
at the tone please record your message.
when you are finished recording you may hang up or press 1 for more options.
mike epps: yo cube man how we gon’ get somethin’ how we gon’ eat man?
you know you rappin’ this sh-t we can’t do no movies.
my kids is lookin’ at me like “what we doin’ daddy? what we doin’?
have you talked to him? have you heard anything?”
i know this rap sh-t takes away our whole 2 3 years away from us gettin’ doin’ the movie cube.
come on they waitin’ on another next friday. everywhere i go “give me another friday” i need somethin’ cube.
i’m runnin’ out.
man, i ain’t gon’ lie i’m just ’bout half miles away today.
me and my girl begged that out and we ready to get it out.
she said we could sit over auntie’s house this friday and knock every sap.
by monday we been in south there in whole half ounce.
i’m a flip that get a hole out. take the hole out flip the ho… the whole ounce by that time everybody word a mouth is that i got dimes & nicks.
i’m a take the whole ounce flip and give me 2. too make a formac i’m taking the formac and flippin’ and i’m a have 9 of ’em. cube just uh give me a call back.