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ice cube – too west coast lyrics


“too west coast”
(feat. wc, young maylay, keith david)

[ice cube]
my ego, is big as heathrow
yup this a lethal, easy as a free throw
yes this negro, is rather lethal
you about as lethal, as a mojito
be my amigo, eat my burrito
you a f-ckin seagull, up in francisco
i’m up in a regal, still in my pea coat
murder’s what she wrote, this is mo’ evil
this is less than zero, don’t be a hero
n-gg- i’m a pharaoh, with double barrels
goose b-mps, hair rose, when i shoot these arrows
at your camaro, pullin down melrose
still down with elkos{?} ’til the f-ckin cell close
n-gg- don’t test me, you’re gonna fail those
they should arrest me, blow like dizzy gillespie
i don’t aim where yo’ vest be (bang)

i’m too hot, to stop, walkin up with two glocks
way more than two shots, that’ll make your roof drop
house shoes, blue top, money like i move rocks
dissin will get you socked, and yo’ b-tch move wop
whole crew popped, by this old school new shot
g n-gg-z still keep my weed in a shoebox
dippin rollin through blocks, dippin while the crew pops
eatin chicken dinners in my cutoffs and tube socks
play my sh-t a lot of deejays they do not
cause me and b-tch n-gg-z don’t mix like two c-cks
who knocks with them pocket rockets that’ll shoot dots
have your skull on the news lookin like goulash
when they ask who the top don’t mention us as foolish
eat yo’ -ss up like a pack of barracudas
put the barrel to ya, like we never knew ya
send the metal through ya, da lench mob shooters

i know vatos and they get popped most
n-gg-z that flip mo’ chicken than bosco’s
squattin down the block low, hop in that hot fo’
and i can spot poles when they not in cop clothes
squabble with the combos, maylay got those
crates or case, boxloads like they came from costco’s
they be poppin bottles, we knockin hollows
promise by tomorrow i can have the spot closed
talkin pr-nto, somethin like a lotto
chips and cheese f-ck meat, n-gg- these nachos
speakin on guap’ though, cause that’s a combo
keep my green on the side like it was cilantro
comin with the honchos, that’s in a stock rolls
and everythang up out they mouth is like the gospel
it won’t stop flow oh i’m not though
lench mob, big sw-nger, don’t bang is the motto

[chorus 4x: all]
motherf-ckers tell me – i’m too west coast
they act like they scared of me – i’m too west coast

[outro: keith david (w.c.)]
the grand wizard
ice cube
(i am the west, cube!)
(got another one)
(i be tellin these n-gg-z and b-tches on the bottom)
(they need to drink some of this kool-aid)
(drink the kool-aid b-tch!)