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ida elisabeth – optimal lyrics


[verse 1]
i fell on the swings
when you took my hand
so if you’re forcing me
why does it feel so natural?
i left the door locked
but i gave you the key
so if i’m stuck with you
why does it seem so optimal?

i placed all my fears
on your appeasing lips
and i wouldn’t have gave it up
if i thought i’d lose it all

[verse 2]
i set the tone
but you fell in me
so if i’m dead to you
why does it seem conditional?
you played a part
as i crossed my heart
but if you’re bad for me
why did it feel so magical?
cause i placed all my trust
in your bracket of selfish l+sts
and i wouldn’t have gave it up
had i known you’d lose it all

oh but you did babe
i should’ve known you would lose it all

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