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illmac – raising the bar #10 lyrics


fresh out the frying pan into the fryer
the plug asked, you a seller or buyer?
innocent till proven guilty, tryna build an empire
i let it all crash and burn before i speak through the wire
the world made me a fighter, uncle sold me the iron
but i’m trying not to use it like ‘i’ll just throw my shirt in the dryer’
woah, watch ’em fold under pressure, then it’s curtains closed
fans feel like the shepherd after they heard the goat
it’s loyalty over money walking this circus rope
remember group hugging the fireplace when the furnace broke
lighting ‘woods on the stove burner, i’m no worker
born leader the beat’s hot, it’s a cold murder
money power and p-ssy what keep the globe turning
but f-ck the world i’m no virgin, my own person
excuse the new me i’m tryna flex on the old version
what’s the difference if i’m, shoe shopping and soul-searching?
hustle like ‘ándele,’ built like a workhorse
used to feel like a holiday, getting this work off
make moves while the fake watch
times change like bishop taking drake’s watch in a dice game
jason and the argonauts, riding saddleback
f-ck around and carpet bomb the parthenon in athens flat
straw from the camel’s back, caught in a avalanche
snow got my entourage, marching on castle black
yeah, the flow chopping up coco
even the cutting room floor look like dropping a snow globe
i’m, mobbing in noho i’m proud as a ñoño, box ’em like cotto
get that -ss dropped like a lolo
me and only like, double dragon locked in a dojo
we like, sherlock and watson like chewbacca and solo
me and only like, rick and morty, b-le’ and 40
me and chase kendrick and ali, drizzy and 40
me and my b-tch, love & basketball monica, quincy
more like, swizz and alicia like, bobby and whitney
diego and frida, lucy and ricky
shots in ya’ ride like bonny and clyde, ride or die like mallory and mickey
this, jay in his hey’, dre when he made chronic
except i’m detoxing and got no radio play
ask what made me this way
never, chasing my jameson take it straight to the face like, baby and wayne
this o’shea in his day, good as 40’s name in the bay
crazy as shady getting hailie taken away
tell my haters they enable me, prayers for all my enemies
basically look like prey to me, labels that tried to label me
patience has been escaping me, greatness, been alive in me
potential’s been afraid of me, destiny don’t apply to me
conventions that they place on me, tenets of a society
that didn’t have a place for me, made me accept the irony
eat sleep drink k!ll, f-ck sh-t cheap thrills
take this and refill a, slave to your free will
that’s why it’s middle fingers up as i unscrew a lid
screaming ‘f-ck the world!’, b-mping pac, tryna do it big