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i’m letting unseen forces take the wheel – places hastily placed in space lyrics


[intro: weed cowboy]


[verse 1: weed cowboy]
i’m counting
several outstanding meanings
to decode this egress

[bridge: twink obliterator]
i think with my fingers
with my hands they explore
the unknown
i don’t know, i don’t know
don’t ask me again

[chorus: both]
(ohhhhh) all i see is beauty
(ohhhhh) in this unpredictable phase
(ohhhhh) so with love and longing
(ohhhhh) i reach out as far as i can

[outro: weed cowboy]
sp+ces sp+ces
aptly arranged in this place
an orderly chain
of corporeal places
adheres to the comfort
of loving a friend of a friend