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immer – drum and whip lyrics


you´ don´t already hold a paddle,
have shackles on your wristle
a whip doesn´t pull your skin,
a drum doesn´t rumble in your head
they say your aren´t goods, they say you gain the
after thousand years you left the slave boat.

but it was only a dream you dreamed
the nice dream about freedom,
it disappears in the down

again selected couple ones lead your life
wisp changed on pens boats changed into factories
instead of drums clocks tick instead of bite empty
from these selected – „they don´t feed you“.

it was only a dream, dream about freedom
but you stayed the slave, the slave in this time

the whip shot above your head
and it fall down on your back
boats float in the drum rhythms
souls leave bodies
p-ssage never ends
drum keeps rumbling.

hopeless wins in your mind
you went back thousand years
only boats aren´t wooden
and whips not so long.

it was only a dream,
the dream about freedom,
but you stayed a slave,
the slave in this time.