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impending doom – eternal lyrics


my whole existence is being
i will not listen to a world beyond
bloodied, shackled in chains
descending, impending your doom
is here deception, redemption
whispers and
fanning the flames to your fears
tell me what do you seek? do you
really want to fight with me?
manipulation is used on the weak
for mass control
i stand at the edge of h+ll, sound
the alarms no masters above me
only dirt below you choose what to
bеlieve but i’m not your enеmy
but don’t think for a second i’m
afraid of you
see what you see, i hear what you
hear the wolves in sheep’s clothing
all deserve to die deserve to die
you know where to find me
i stand at the edge of h+ll, sound
the alarm
so don’t expect me to bow the knee
to the mob that hates me
was born from the dirt, i was cut
from the stone
this is a war you can’t win

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