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incryptid – only skin deep lyrics


only skin deep

they say that beauty,is only skin deep
well i don’t have no beauty,cause i don’t ever get no sleep/
i sit up at nights writing songs, keeps me wide awake
i render all these thoughts,i start to contemplate/
maybe your not beautiful under 10 pounds of makeup
changing your look got a million different faces/
that’s not right you should just be you
learn to trust yourself and you’ll get thru/
all the tough times,even when its a disaster
im sacrificing everything just to try to be a rapper/
maybe sometimes i wish that i was anonymous
id have no ident-ty i destroyed all the doc-ments/
so no one can ever know the real me
unless they listened to my music
everything’s hidden in between/
its not whats on the outside,its everything that’s within
personality can tell you alot about how that person lives/
i may be ugly but f-ck it
i got a sharp and creative mind
a heart made of gold maybe sometimes im too kind/
i don’t wanna hurt your feelings
didn’t mean to push the pace
she said “theres something about you i don’t wanna erase/
from my life i like everything you represent
how u used to f-ck up and chose to repent/
from the sins that troubled you thru out life
maybe when the times get tough i can look to you for advice”/

they say that beauty is only skin deep
but f-ck beauty that’s what i believe/
if you judge on looks your missing out on personality
but thats my opinion thats my own mentality
wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world i had my doubts
but we made each other feel happy and that’s all i care about/
character is worth a lot more than the looks in the end
if u love one another become more than a friend/