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indelible grace music – i am jesus’ little lamb lyrics


[verse 1: sandra mccracken]
i am jesus’ little lamb
ever glad at heart i am
for my shepherd gently guides me
knows my need, and well provides me
loves me every day the same
even calls me by my name

[verse 2: katy bowser with ellie holcomb]
day by day, at home, away
jesus is my staff and stay
when i hunger, jesus feeds me
into pleasant pastures leads me
when i thirst, he bids me go
where the quiet waters flow

[verse 3: katy bowser, ellie holcomb, & flo paris]
who so happy as i am
even now the shepherd’s lamb?
and when my short life is ended
by his angel host attended
he shall fold me to his breast
there within his arms to rest