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indigo saint – mbinga lyrics


ain’t n0body rap like me
ain’t n0body talk like me
ain’t n0body drop like me

ain’t n0body make a beat maker make a bop like me
let’s talk about isms this sh+t is really ridiculous
i see bars like you prisoners but the light is in prisms
see i know radio a syndicate and i think it’s indicative
of a people of people who never saw what this evil is
i just wanna talk my sh+t
probably say some sh+t like your faves ain’t sh+t
do a couple laps round they tracks no pits
have you thinking d+mn indigo too lit
but what’s with all the violence dawg
coz you n+ggers don’t listen when i’m preaching peace
which zim rapper ever signed a lease?
who got keys like fur elise?

i know where the problems stem
royalties a scam they going steal again
rappers mad at me i ain’t at them
i know your sh+t just popped coz of binnis men
show us the business then
i’m tryna pitch zim hip hop on dragons den
i know there’s kids in the hood who won’t dream again
coz the industry made half the kids doubt their pen
and i don’t want to fuel all their doubt
i don’t want to see these youngins tryna eat from clout
got kids who sixteen tryna figure me out
like how the f+ck you sound this good but live in your mama house
how you claim you top five when your ass don’t even drive
how you say you move with god when you can’t afford the tithe
that’s tragic but
i’m bout to get this bread like ’em catholics