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infinito 2017 – analog transmission static communication (atsc) lyrics


infinito 2017 – “-n-log transmission static communication (atsc)”
[emcee(s): infinito 2017]
[producer(s): dion brown]

make believe magic another fantasy
out of darkness came souls black as me
racial economics disturbing the peace
food clothing shelter nothing to eat
think what you think deals running fast
falling for anything not standing for any
fake politicians war in mississippi
simply not embracing their foul politics
stuck in falsehoods turn up not awkward
big chocolate t-tties sacred deep yoni
falling for squares fake acting phony
devils mentally lame call you out your name
afraid of truth from where you really came
scams games manipulation confusing world
constant evil worship pagan holy days
concepts that make you think using brain

discontinue issues erase they write with pencils
aggressive on the boards dominate teams
work the hardest never stuck in cement
weak untalented got no sk!lls more developed
must know whats real family broken
we only seeking love bad inst-tutions
focus, stand above beyond noise they making
don’t get caught caking making smiley faces
man made music that’s truly hardcore
breaks beats daily leave you wanting more
fishing for compliments no you not real
state of the ill triple double team
bring them back to basics finish off for real
food from the gods walking working hard
not the best friend we stand above bars
k!lling off the corny think they super stars
name brand new jacks fronting in they cars

rhyme in real life unplugged from media
no digital outlet or wikipedia
can’t find me with your imagination
-n-log transmission static communication