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inhumate – desperate lyrics


i close my eyes and fall on the ground
i take my head into my hands
tears are flowing, i am torn apart
everything i have built is in ruin.

my mind cracks in several parts
everything is dead in me, man cut the light off
i would like some help but no one is here
what i feel is too strong for me.

darkness is submerging all my mind
my throat makes some growls of every kind.

this suffering is to strong for me
i need to escape it at all cost!

aaahhh! i never thought that man could suffer so much…

tears are not enough to end my pain
sometimes i think that i’m going insane
visions of the past are burning my brain
so little water can’t stop so big flames!

aaahhh! i feel so lost
god, why don’t you exist?

i must stop this suffering!
i must find an exit!

i can’t live with so much pain
i think that i can see some light there.

if life means suffering
then i chose to be dead…