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inme – escape to mysteriopa lyrics


escape to mysteriopa

welcome to the land of the strange
guarding her from eden’s dark snakes
crystal animals watch over you
christmas carnivals, so colourful

secret rocks from fossil-laden dorset
cliffs hiding cities of insects and larvae
dreams woven by the beat of a grandfather clock

escape to mysteriopa.
i hoped you could stay
and watch the monet clouds
dancing across the sky

i can escape under these drapes of wild dreams
before daylight rips apart the seams
caught between a clock & a star chase

i’ll never know which life is real
in both i feel but when i awake your souls are opaque
and why does it have to be so painful

i’ve shared some hollow days on this page
lost in this bleak nebulous page
but the sun shines so much brighter from the cracks in our hearts

escape from delphia
i wish i could wait for you
but i can only forge this path as a lone wolf

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